The Edible Garden

By Mel Godfrey on behalf of SLH

It’s a feature of modern life that we only see in shops a limited range of the huge variety of leaves, salads and herbs that grow according to each season. This 15-minute feature is brimming full of ideas for both foodies and gardeners. Edible plants that will happily grow in your flowerbeds; Foodie plants and vegetables that are easy to grow for yourself; ideas on how you can prepare them; understand the huge offer of plants out there; how you can grow your own throughout the year – even in limited spaces. All of this reduces “food miles” and is good for biodiversity. If there is sufficient interest in the topic, we will follow up with a Q&A session on Zoom later in July. The Edible Garden is at:

Contact us at the correct email address of if you want to join in the discussions!