Walk to the Meadow

By Hilary Hughes on behalf of SLH

When lockdown was announced, I started going for regular walks around the Heatons with a friend. I live in Heaton Mersey and he lives in Heaton Moor, so we took it in turns to lead a short walk, usually covering about a mile. The walk below incorporates Heaton Moor and Heaton Chapel, taking in a church, park, field and railway station over a flat mile and a half.

1. Starting at the Shaw Road end of Elms Road, continue down Elms Road and then into Heaton Moor Park. Next continue right before emerging onto Peel Moat Road.

2. Cross onto York Road and follow it to the end. Turn left then quickly right onto Clarence Road. A short walk down to the end brings you onto Tatton Road North where you need to turn left — the railway will be down to your right.

3. Turn right over the railway bridge to Egerton Road North, then right again and shortly afterwards turn right down the slope towards the platform. Don’t forget to keep to the left of the yellow line — an express came along and I thought I was going to be blown over in the ensuing gust of wind!

We paused here to take a quick look at the planters and there was some new shrubbery on the platform so that was good to see; it was a little too cold to hang around for long though. You can glimpse the mural on the opposite platform from here, but I would recommend taking some time to read about all the famous local people commemorated there.

4. Make your way back up the slope and then turn left and retrace your steps towards the bridge. Turn right onto Buckingham Road. Just on the right is St. Thomas’s School and Church. You can walk round the grounds of both when it’s not a school day. My friend went to the school and I used to sing in the choir (despite not being particularly good!).

5. Next turn left onto the A6, then right onto Howard Road or Norfolk Avenue to admire some of the properties (note that both are no-through roads).

6. Head back to the A6, turn right and right again onto Langdale Road, followed by a short walk to the field on the right.

A small family bravely sat around a tent reading and eating as we took in the view over the stream to Broadstone Mill. Did you know that a wildflower meadow is going to created here? Speaking of meadows, Monmouth has an award for being the first bee town — council-owned green spaces and verges have been left uncut to great effect. The areas in Stockport that have been left have flourished but the council did mow this field in Heaton Chapel by accident not long ago. In Sweden, apparently it is usual to mow verges only once (in Autumn). Some people have left their lawns to grow during lockdown and been lucky enough to find orchids growing.

7. From the meadow, continue along the path where you will come out onto Meadows Road, leading to Manchester Road.

8. Cross to Cambridge Road and continue across the A6 to reach Heathfield Road.

9. Continue back to Egerton Road North and turn left towards Heaton Moor Road, turning right over the bridge.

10. Turn right again onto Tatton Road North immediately to avoid the busy traffic and then soon after turn left down Elms Road again, which will take you back to Shaw Road.