Green Homes Grant for Insulation — Worth the Effort?

By Mel Godfrey on behalf of SLH

This article was originally written for the December edition of Heatons Post, 

The Green Homes Grant is available now. Homeowners and landlords can apply for up to £5,000 of vouchers to upgrade the energy efficiency of their homes. The eligible “primary insulation measures” are about adding insulation, such as under-floor and loft spaces. There are also “secondary measures” for windows, low carbon heating and more. Details can be found on the Simple Energy Advice website. 

The scheme has just been extended into 2022. Is it worth investigating? 

The scheme is not straightforward. Quotes must be from scheme contractors approved to take part (Trustmark accredited). The coordination of different elements (the primary and secondary measures) will be for you to sort out. You might have contractual issues, for example coordinating the specifying and installation of double/triple glazed windows with insulation measures.

Our advice is to ensure you are up to date with your maintenance repairs as you add energy efficiency measures. Make a plan for your house that the grant contributes to, because the grant does not go far. Understand insulation must be installed with airtightness measures for it to work. Getting insulation and airtightness right is not straightforward if you want to get value out of it (whilst reducing bills and your carbon footprint).  Check out the extra advice on our website here

Local help can be obtained from and 

Remember it takes time to get quotes, apply to the scheme and get the work done. Our local Trustmark installers are getting booked up for months ahead, so get started soon.