Join Our 10th Anniversary Celebration!

By Diana Scotcher on behalf of SLH

This article was originally written for the September edition of Heatons Post, 

Sustainable Living in the Heatons had its very first meeting at the end of 2010. Our supporters are welcome to our delayed 10th anniversary celebration!

When?Sunday 19th September 2021, 3-5pm.
Where?The SLH Community Orchard on the site of the old North Heaton school field, in Heaton Chapel. (Details on how to find it are below*).
Who?We are inviting everyone who has been involved in SLH at any time, in any capacity. We also welcome the local organisations and businesses with which we have collaborated, and professionals who have supported us over the years. Families and children are welcome.
What?We’ll have some light refreshments and drinks, some reminders of all the amazing things we’ve done and achieved over the years, and a stall with some interactive activities for all ages to remind us what we can still do to fight climate change and preserve our environment.
How?Please RSVP by 12th September to so we know numbers for refreshments.
If the weather is bad, we’ll postpone. Contact if you are unsure.

We hope you will join us!

How to find the SLH Community Orchard

*The SLH community orchard is at the back of the houses on Weston Grove, at the back of Adlington House on Nelstrop Road, and at the back of the Stockport Homes’ bungalows on Meadows Road (SK4 5DN). The field is accessible on a track from Meadows Rd, between house numbers 20 & 22, at the junction of cobbles and tarmac; note that the road part of Meadows Rd is in two sections joined by a cycleway. It’s also accessible from Nelstrop Rd, on a track on the left side of Adlington House (SK4 5LT), as viewed when standing on Nelstrop Rd facing Adlington House. There is usually some parking space on Meadows Rd. Click here to access a map.

And here is an aerial view to help you locate the meadow!