Tackling Climate Chaos — A Discussion on What is Possible

By Mel Godfrey on behalf of SLH

This article was originally written for the September edition of Heatons Post, https://www.heatonspost.co.uk/ 

Are you confused, or perhaps frustrated, by all you hear and see concerning climate change? Increasingly it feels like we should call it climate chaos. What will the COP 26 Global Summit do when it meets in Glasgow? 

Why not put questions directly to some local experts and listen to their take on the reality of climate change? Learn about the significant initiatives planned for Greater Manchester. Ask why the Government is not being honest about the changes it is going to require of us.

Sustainable Living in the Heatons is hosting a Zoom event and Q&A to explore what climate change will mean for us locally on Monday 20th September at 8pm. Please register by heading to our Eventbrite page and booking a place.

Our experts include:

  • Mark Atherton – Director of Environment and Lead on climate matters for the Greater Manchester Combined Authority 
  • Phil Korbel – Director of the Carbon Literacy Project 
  • Stephen Dootson – Business person from local renewables company KAST
  • Nick Leslie – expert in sustainability and now Head of Climate Action Now for Stockport SMBC
  • Sarah McClelland – Co Chair, a founding member of SLH and a great community activist around the Heatons