Tackling Climate Chaos: a discussion about what is possible

This article was originally written for the November edition of Heatons Post, https://www.heatonspost.co.uk/ 

As part of the Great Big Green Week, and in the run up to COP26, Sustainable Living in the Heatons (SLH) put on an on line discussion on 20th September to find out what local leaders and influencers think can be done to fight climate change, and what the future looks like. The 5 panellists represented businesses and organisations in the Heatons, Stockport and Greater Manchester, and were each given some time to explain what they see happening locally, before a Q & A session.  All panellists were keen to emphasise that local and regional actions are happening, and that there are things to be positive about, despite what we might read in the press!

Polls at the beginning and the end asked the 40 participants if the initiatives they saw around them were giving confidence that climate chaos can be avoided. Results showed a general shift from no confidence to some confidence, so the audience clearly were reassured by some things they heard.

If you missed this interesting ad thought provoking event, please catch up by listening to the recording here on our YouTube channel.

We’ll all be watching for what happens at COP26, 31st October – 12th November 2021, when the world’s leaders will gather to agree how they will stick to targets to fight climate change. It’s one of the most important events of our time and it is desperately important that ambitions are set high, with a clear and unifying plan of how to achieve them.  Here in the Heatons we have our fingers crossed.

At a local level, we can all participate in the Stockport CAN – Climate Action Now Summit which is being held virtually on 9th November. Sign up here — this is our chance to find out about Stockport’s plans and what can be done.