Cheshire Wildlife Trust’s Rewilding Stockport — Turning Stockport into a Community Nature Reserve

By Rachael Nellist on behalf of SLH

What is Rewilding Stockport?

Do you want a Stockport that buzzes with nature? A Stockport that has beautiful outdoor spaces for everyone to enjoy? A Stockport where people from different communities, businesses, schools and individuals work together to make it happen? Stockport needs you to rewild our already brilliant town into a community nature reserve.

What is a community nature reserve?

A community nature reserve is an excitingly diverse mosaic of green spaces that provide homes for our wild plants and animals, like wildflowers, birds and hedgehogs, whilst making local people feel happier and healthier.

Alone these spaces are window boxes, balconies, gardens, parks, road verges and school grounds, where people are welcoming wildlife into their outdoor space. Together, 1,000 of these spaces transforms Stockport into a thriving urban wildlife haven – a community nature reserve.

What could you do?

Here are some of the projects you could get involved with:

  • Pollinator Patches Help insects by planting up an area with pollinator friendly plants.
  •  Hedgehog Highways Create holes in your fences to connect gardens and help hedgehogs roam. 
  •  Swift Streets Work with neighbours to create nesting habitats for swifts safely on your house. 
  • Wasted Spaces Help turn unloved and unused land into wildlife havens.

How can I be part of the community nature reserve?

To be a part of our Stockport community nature reserve, you simply need to dedicate a space for wildlife and let Cheshire Wildlife Trust know what you’ve done on their webpage.

Let’s rewild Stockport!

Could you create one or more of Stockport’s 1000 news spaces for nature?

Why not get in touch with Cheshire Wildlife Trust or check out the Rewilding Stockport web page if you want to get involved.

Follow this link or scan the QR code below to find out all the ways you can be a part of Rewilding Stockport!