Event Speakers

Food (including waste, source, growing and impact on carbon footprint) — 1 February 2023

Nick Leslie
Event chair
Nick Leslie is Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council’s Head of Climate Action Now (CAN). Following a cross-party backed motion Stockport Council declared a ‘climate emergency’ in 2019 and CAN is the Council’s strategy to help the borough meet the Greater Manchester wide 2038 carbon neutrality target. Prior to joining Stockport Council in 2021, Nick worked at the BBC for 9 years on their corporate sustainability and sustainable production initiatives, including helping to create the TV industry standard for sustainable production (Albert) alongside BAFTA. Before joining the BBC he helped produce a number of successful TV dramas and feature films including Luther, Spooks, New Tricks and many other cop shows!
Professor Sarah BridleProfessor Sarah Bridle, author of ‘Food and Climate Change without the Hot Air’ is a transdisciplinary researcher driven by the need to tackle climate change, focusing on a quantitative approach to helping transform food systems to steward change to new kinds of futures. Sarah’s current research focuses on synthesising, exploring and effectively communicating environmental and nutrition impacts of different dietary options, with the aim of driving changes in food production methods and portfolios to be healthy for people and planet. Sarah founded the Take a Bite out of Climate Change project, including leading a stand at the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition 2019.
Corin Bell

Corin Bell is the Founder and Executive Director of food and drink social enterprise Open Kitchen. Their unique model intercepts food from being wasted and supports local sustainable food producers. Corin is also the Chair of the Good Food Greater Manchester Strategy Group.
Sean Ruffell

Manager and director of Organic North Wholesalers, an established (27 years) co-operative based in Openshaw Manchester supplying fresh fruit and vegetables nationwide. Whilst working for Organic North for almost 20 years, Sean is also a member of The Manchester Food Board who look to offer strategic leadership on how food can be used to bring about positive, meaningful and lasting change in Manchester.
Dr Liz Wildman

Dr Liz Wildman works at Mars Wrigley as Global Public Affairs Director for the Circular Economy, engaging with governments to develop sustainable packaging and ingredient sourcing policies. Previously, Liz worked as UK Sustainability Manager at Mars, where she developed recycling schemes with retailers, such as Sainsburys and Pets at Home, and packaging re-use solutions with Asda. Before this, she worked in innovation, designing products and manufacturing processes for Dreamies and other cat treats. She lives in Heaton Chapel with her husband Matt and their greyhound Juno.

Energy in the home (including insulation, usage, efficiency) — 13 October 2022

Phil Korbel
Event chair
Heatons resident Phil is one of the founding members of SLH. Phil is co-founder of the Carbon Literacy Project, which this month clocked up 41,000 certified learners across 6 continents. As a bearded, cycling, chicken-keeping, solar panel owner, he’s plainly failed to avoid being an eco stereotype. He wants to leave his daughters a future, not an apology.
Liz AthertonLiz Atherton is part of the Climate Action Now team at Stockport Council. Her work focuses on growing climate engagement across the whole borough. Liz is a Carbon Literacy trainer who, before joining the council a year ago, worked in the third sector for a decade running climate action projects with communities, faith groups, businesses and organisations.
Stephen DootsonStephen has 35 years’ experience of senior board level appointments and in 2018 became Commercial Director of KAST Renewable Energies Ltd. Kast is a market leader in all renewable energy technologies, delivering energy saving and low carbon projects.

In addition to this role, Stephen has recently become involved with a new start-up company delivering off-grid modular accommodation for displaced and homeless young adults who require emergency, safe and secure rooms to allow reconnection with society.
Mel GodfreyMel Godfrey has forty years’ experience in housing and property. He ran an independent advice and surveying service for older homes for several years, specialising in how to make homes warmer and more comfortable.  By understanding the physical attributes of a building, he knows how to improve household heat retention and improve energy/insulation performance. His objective was always to offer quick wins and then offer solutions for the long term.
Sam VeseySam, brought up in Stockport, attended Priestnall school and graduated at Loughborough University. She joined musicMagpie in 2009 and became Group Director of Operations in 2018. During the last 2 years, she has taken on executive ownership of the sustainability credentials of the business, reflected in her promotion to Chief Sustainability Officer in February 2021. A passionate advocate for trying to live a more sustainable life, with a belief that we all need to make change to deal with the climate crisis.