Heaton Mersey Common to the River Mersey and back

Less than 2 hours; dog and buggy friendly.

This walk begins at the entrance to Heaton Mersey Common (on the bend where Priestnall Road meets Mersey Road — there is a post box in the wall).

1. Go into the common, in 40m bear left at the brick-built, gas sub-station and head downhill (with the houses on your right), for another 180m.

2. Fork left diagonally over the meadow until you meet the path at the bottom.

3. Go left along the path, wind down the hill and along the pond.

4. At the far end of the pond, bear right to reach the gate onto the road (Rosgill Close).

5. At the next road (Berwick Ave), turn left (you will see a patch of grass on your left).

6. Continue along the road until you pass through a barrier on your left, between nos 107 and 109.

7. Go straight (via Harwood Rd) until you reach Didsbury Road.

8. Cross straight over onto Meltham Road and after a few moments go through barriers on the right (an old train track).

9. Eventually turn left at the “Stockport town centre” sign.

10. Continue in same direction, along Green Pastures, go through the gates ahead and down to the river.

11. At the river, turn left and following the riverbank path, head towards Stockport.

12. Turn left along Vale Rd (buildings on your left, woodland on your right), to its junction with Station Rd.

13. Cross over at the bend, go through the barrier and up the cobbled street to Vale Close and Didsbury Road.

14. Cross over and go down Mersey Road back to the start.