Saving Energy at Home

In 2015 SLH was a partner in helping Electricity North West to deliver the ‘Power Saver Challenge’, a project to reduce peak level demand for electricity, essentially a period when children arrive home from school and adults come back from work. This proved very successful and demonstrated how this approach could contribute reducing the need to install expensive new infrastructure. In recognition of our contribution ENW gave a generous donation to our activities; this included households who chose the option of giving their rewards to SLH.

The Heatons has its own Passivhaus, a new build in Heaton Norris designed by a local architect that was open as part of a local show home event in 2015. Passivhaus is an approach to buildings which minimises their demand for energy for heating through very high levels of insulation and a focus on air tightness.

Two of our members participated in a training course for ‘Retrofit Advocates’, run by Carbon Coop in 2015; the aim being to provide a source of non-technical advice to the local community.

Energy advice has featured in the stalls we organise such as the Heatons Summer Festival.

Advice on energy saving can be found at

Visit for detailed guidance on retrofit.

Carbon Co-op’s website is