Circular walk from St Thomas’ Junior School to Highfield Country Park and back

A gentle stroll of just over two hours; suitable for buggies and dogs love it!

1. From St Thomas’s Junior School, use the pedestrian crossings to cross Wellington Road North and Manchester Road.

2. From Will’s Wheels walk towards Manchester, then turn right along Langdale Road.

3. At the crossroads with Meadows Road, turn right along the wide path to an open space.

4. Immediately on entering the field, cut diagonally across the grass towards Broadstone Mill, bearing left at the tarmac footpath, down to the footbridge.

5. Go over the footbridge and turn left, walking between the stream on your left and the scout hut fence on your right. At the corner of the fence follow the path right, go over another tiny, almost invisible stream and follow the tarmac path up the slope.

6. Continue straight on the path in between the houses (with the grassy area on your left).

7. Ignore the junction on the right (with the bollard). Keep bearing left.

8. You will emerge onto the pavement of Cringle Road, (fields on your right, houses on your left).

9. Go through the barrier on the right into the bee sanctuary, at the edge of Highfield Country Park.

10. Continue along the woodchip path. Continue straight ahead (with the road on your left-hand side).

11. At the notice board, bear right.

12. Go past Chockley’s path on the right and keep following the main path.

13. Just before you meet a road (Bowler St), turn right at the notice board.

14. At the next notice board and gate, bear left along the boundary of the park, staying on the main path.

15. At the T junction, turn right along the green fence.

16. At the next T junction, bear left towards the open space where you can see the Fallowfield Loop. But before you reach it, bear right and bear right again and follow the footpath sign.

17. Turn right over the broad bridge and then immediately sharp left just before a bench (there is a picnic area here).

18. After a moment or two, fork left until you reach some railings.

19. Turn right onto a wide path (the old Nelstrop Rd North) alongside Houldsworth Golf Course.

20. Carry straight on through the barriers. There is a green fence on the right.

21. Continue straight on the tarmac path between the fields and just after passing in front of the first house (with toys in the front yard), turn right down a passage, with the Shore Fold farm buildings on your right.

22. In 20m, at the T junction, turn left at the bollard and head back the way you came (number 7 in reverse).

Did you know: Highfield Country Park was originally farmland, a bleach and dye works, Jackson’s brickworks and claypit. It was then used as a landfill site. In the 1980s, it was capped and trees were planted.