From Heaton Moor Road to the secret lake and back to Heaton Chapel

Just under 5 miles; includes some sections of the Fallowfield Loop.

  1. Starting from Heaton Moor road, cross the A6 and turn left onto Nelstrop Road.
  2. Turn left onto Marbury Road and left again onto Nelstrop Road North, which turns right at Shore Fold farm.
  3. Follow the path between Houldsworth Golf Course and Highfield Country Park until you get to the Fallowfield Loop, crossing straight over this at the bridge.
  4. Carry straight on and go over the mini roundabouts to get to the secret lake, up a short slope on your right.
  5. Go round the secret lake and then back onto the Fallowfield Loop, taking a right towards Levenshulme.
  6. When you get to the quadrants (a big open space on the Fallowfield Loop just before the A6), take a left into Kersh Ave, left on Marley Rd and right onto Broom Lane.
  7. Follow Broom Lane to the A6 and turn left. Take the first left into Cringle Road.
  8. Go the full length of Cringle Rd and straight on along a little path. Take the first path off this to the right and go downhill to the brook, where the path turns left between the scout hut railings on the left and the brook on your right. Turn right over the footbridge over Black Brook.
  9. Continue up the tarmac path over the Meadows and at the T, turn left on Meadows Rd (first a path then a road).
  10. This leads to Manchester Road near the George and Dragon.