4 Ways to Start Seeds

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By Alec and Sheila Bayliss on behalf of SLH

Wondering if there are different ways to start seeds? This post is about four of the different methods you can use when starting seeds for your garden, including what their perks are and what we grew with that method, with some photos of what we did.

1.    Indoors in pots

This is a good way to start seeds earlier in the year, as you don’t need to wait for it to warm up. We did find that we needed to position the plants as close as possible to a south-facing window so they could get enough light.

We used this method to grow: tomatoes, calendula and cornflowers.

2.    Outdoors in pots

This method is good because it doesn’t take up any space indoors, but you can bring them in if you need to.

We used this method to grow: Sage, Rosemary and Thyme in a sheltered location.

3.    Pots in a greenhouse

This method is good because the seeds are kept warmer than when outside in pots, but they don’t take up room indoors.

We used this method to grow cucumbers, using a small, inexpensive plastic growhouse.

4.    Outdoors directly in the ground

This method is good because you don’t have to mess about transplanting the seeds from pots into the ground, as they are already planted where they will grow.

We used this method to grow: sorrel, oregano, chamomile and borage, which all managad to escape slug damage.  We also used the direct sow method for broad beans, runner beans and other flowers.

These are just a few of the ways you can start seeds, as I’m sure there are many more that people have discovered, but hopefully you find them helpful when you start your own seeds.