Helping to Save Our Collapsing Raised Bed!

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By Diana Scotcher on behalf of SLH

This article was originally written for the December edition of Heatons Post

It was 10 years ago that we built the eye-catching bed for herbs in front of the Co-Op and Blue Corn in Heaton Moor. Our plan was to build a community garden in the centre of the Heatons where locals could pick up herbs for their next meal while doing their shopping. It was an easy, cheap, plastic-free way to obtain common herbs. We also thought that local people could see how easy it is to grow herbs and be inspired to grow their own. 

Since being built the bed, has become a focal point in the middle of the shops. When the SLH team get together to tend the plot, passers-by stop to talk, discuss the herbs and comment on the bed. Local shopkeepers and residents have watered it during the heat of the summer. We’ve labelled the herbs in different ways over the years, but our aim has always been to show that the herbs are there for everyone to pick as they need.

General wear and tear, as well as people sitting on the sides, has weakened the bed. We have patched it from time to time to stop it collapsing, but the time has come to replace some of the wood. We have a volunteer team who will do the work sometime this winter. 

We’ve been very lucky. Just recently we heard that the councillors for North Heatons have awarded us enough money through the Ward Flexibility Fund to replace the broken wood and strengthen it enough to keep it going for many more years. Thank you Heatons and Reddish councillors for your support and for helping us to save this raised bed!